Feature Image - Getting and Setting Cell Values

VBA Ranges – Getting and Setting Cell Values

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In the previous post, we introduced the VBA Range object. This gave us the foundation of working with Ranges in VBA. In today’s post, I’d like to discuss how to get and set cell values through VBA. This will continue to build up our understanding of the VBA Range object and how to use it. There are several ways you …

VBA Range Object Feature Image

Intro to the VBA Range Object

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The VBA Range object is the most heavily-used VBA object type in any macro out there. After you record some macros, it will become extremely obvious how often you will use the Range object in Excel VBA. The main reason is that the Range object represents the cells in your worksheet, which we all know is the livelihood of Excel …

IFERROR - Feature Image

Use IFERROR() to hide ugly errors

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Imagine that your boss asks you to create an Excel template for making invoices. You search online for a free template to download and you come across a nice template that can get the job done. I found this template on Vertex42. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. They have a lot of nice free templates and …

Excel Formula Errors - Feature Image

Excel Formula Errors [Infographic]

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Excel Formula Errors are a major pain. Picture this: you’re writing a long, complicated formula – including IFs, Index+Match, and Structured Refernces. You make sure you have all your parenthesis in check. Everything looks good. You press Enter and BAM! You’re met with a #VALUE! error. You can practically feel how disappointed Excel is with you. But don’t get too …

Get the Monday of the Week

Get the Monday of the Current Week

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The other day I needed to get the Monday of the current week so I can display “Week of the X” where X would be the date of that week’s Monday’s date. I figured this would be useful for you as well and I wanted to share this with you. Building up the Formula I knew that I could get …

The IF Function Feature Image

Excel IF Function

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The IF function is one of the staples of Excel formulas. It’s one of the first formulas people learn when learning how to use Excel. It’s also used EVERYWHERE, and I really mean everywhere. I even wonder if it was one of the first formulas to ever be introduced to Excel so many years ago. At its core, the IF …

Get Hyperlink Address in UDF

Get Hyperlink Address with a Custom Function (UDF) in Excel

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The other day I copied a table on a website and pasted it into Excel. The table included hyperlinks, but I didn’t want to show the text it had. I wanted the hyperlink address instead. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about: Notice that the links have “…” at the end of the URLs, and cell in B2 says …

Excel Tables - Feature Image

Excel Tables

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Excel tables are great. They take your plain old data and turn it into a dynamic, well formatted table with a whole host of features. In fact, whenever I have any data that I need to do some simple processing on, the first thing I do is turn it into an Excel Table. With this post, I intend to get you …

Anatomy of Structured references

Structured References [Infographic]

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Are your formulas driving you crazy? Do they have a multitude of $ signs, colons, and letters referring to various columns? How many times have you looked at your complicated formulas and asked yourself “What data is this referring to?” I know I have. I mean, it’s not always easy remembering what $B2:$D10 is referring to. Luckily, we can leverage Structured …