Excel Formula Errors - Feature Image

Excel Formula Errors [Infographic]

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Excel Formula Errors are a major pain. Picture this: you’re writing a long, complicated formula – including IFs, Index+Match, and Structured Refernces. You make sure you have all your parenthesis in check. Everything looks good. You press Enter and BAM! You’re met with a #VALUE! error. You can practically feel how disappointed Excel is with you. But don’t get too …

Anatomy of Structured references

Structured References [Infographic]

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Are your formulas driving you crazy? Do they have a multitude of $ signs, colons, and letters referring to various columns? How many times have you looked at your complicated formulas and asked yourself “What data is this referring to?” I know I have. I mean, it’s not always easy remembering what $B2:$D10 is referring to. Luckily, we can leverage Structured …

how to capitalize names in Excel

How to Capitalize Names in Excel

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Having nicely formatted data is a must if you plan on showing your spreadsheets to anyone who's willing to look at them. And while you may know how to color or change the font type, sometimes (well, maybe a lot of the time) your data itself might need some formatting from within. One of those times you may need to ...

Alternative to Multiple IF Statements

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Have you ever had to create a multiple IF statement? Ever notice how crazy it looks with all those parentheses and it's difficult to follow? Well, I was wondering if there was another way I could create a multiple IF statements that would be cleaner and easier to edit if need be. And I have. What I have discovered isn't ...

Array Formulas for Beginners

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Excel Array formulas are one of the handiest tools to have under your Excel tool belt. You can expand regular Excel formulas to provide a lot more power to regular functions. Take the function AVERAGEIF() as an example. Before Excel 2007, you had to use array formulas to provide the same functionality. And while array formulas are extremely powerful, they can ...

Vlookup in Excel

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Vlookup (pronounced "vee-look-up") is one of the most popular look up functions in Excel.  When you need to extract data from a table based on a particular value, you can use Vlookup to do that.  In simple terms, it looks at a table in the first column for a specific value and returns a cell in the same row where ...