Feature Image - Getting and Setting Cell Values

VBA Ranges – Getting and Setting Cell Values

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In the previous post, we introduced the VBA Range object. This gave us the foundation of working with Ranges in VBA. In today’s post, I’d like to discuss how to get and set cell values through VBA. This will continue to build up our understanding of the VBA Range object and how to use it. There are several ways you …

Run a Macro when a cell changes - Feature Image

How to Tell if a Cell Changed with VBA

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There are times when you want to run a macro when a cell changed. Maybe you want to do some special calculation when a cell changes. Or maybe you’d like to change the font to all uppercase. Or maybe you want to present your users with more meaningful data validation messages. Whatever the case may be, you can use Excel’s …

Hyperlinks are lost after sorting – VBA fix

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After I wrote my post about creating hyperlinks with external data, a subscriber told me about a problem they were having and was wondering if I could help.  The issue was that when they sorted hyperlinks after they were recently copied from one range to another, some hyperlinks would be removed from the range while others remained intact.  I hadn’t …