Excel Keyboard Cover

Excel Shortcuts on Your Mac Keyboard!

Do you like to move quick in Excel? And I mean lightning fast. For example, have you ever typed a little, then move your hand to the mouse to click the toolbar area? Then move back to the keyboard, back to the mouse, the keyboard, the mouse….you get the idea. It reminds me of Filburt from Rocko’s Modern Life when he talks about comic books (loved that show, by the way).

What you really need is a way to move quickly by using Excel shortcuts. But you shouldn’t just try to force yourself to remember these things. You should have a reference nearby. And what better place than on your keyboard?

These awesome keyboard covers are offered by Al Chen, Founder of KeyCuts. I met Al recently and had a great chat with him. He’s a cool guy and really smart to boot. He also offers consulting services and he’s given classes in Excel to Google as well as Columbia and NYU business schools, among others. Check out his site if you have a minute.

Also, he offers multiple colors for the keyboard covers and they all have a nice set of shortcuts right there at your fingertips. And these covers are all one piece and fit snug on your keyboard.

Why should I get this?

Because it’s awesome, that’s why! Knowing how to maneuver in Excel by using shortcuts let’s gives you more time to focus on getting your work done and less time moving your hand from the keyboard, to the mouse, and then to the keyboard, and then…

Not to mention, it will make you look like an Excel guru and I’m sure you will impress someone at the office. I can hear it now:

Wow, [you], you’re really good with Excel, huh?

And you know what your response will be?

You Jelly?

If you would like this scenario to happen to you, I recommend you check out Al’s KeyCuts Keyboard Covers.

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  • Carol

    Hi! I would like to know if there is a shortcut to close a workbook. I know I can use the little X in the upper right corner, but I was wondering if I can also close it with a shortcut. Thanks!

    • Hi Carol,

      You can close a single workbook with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+w (just like closing a tab in a web browser). If you are using Excel 2010 or earlier, you can close multiple workbooks by either double-clicking the File button in the top left, or you can use Alt+F4. However, in Excel 2013, whenever a new workbook is opened, a new window is opened. I haven’t found a way to close all instances of Excel in Excel 2013 just yet.

      Hope this helps!

      • Carol

        Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!!!