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August 13, 2013

Do you want to really impress your manager? Or your manager’s manager? Then you should learn how to create Excel dashboards. Seriously, this is like catnip for managers. If you want to know how to create beautiful graphs that really convey the message of where the company is and where they need to go (which is extremely important to managers), then you should learn how to create Excel dashboards.

You do know about Excel dashboards, right?

No? It’s all good. Here’s the deal:

An Excel dashboard is a single page of interactive charts that display important information relevant to the business (or a specific department/process of the business).

The keywords here are interactive and single page. I stress these because a dashboard is meant to convey a specific message in a very short amount of time. Being able to display a very clear and helpful message about where the company is and where there are opportunities for improvement is insanely valuable. And that’s what Mynda Treacy can help you do.

Mynda and her team have created an incredible training guide for learning how to create awesome Excel dashboards. There’s up to 10 hours of videos to learn from and it’s self-paced, leaving you with the option of learning how to create Excel dashboards at your leisure. The course also comes with Excel files so you can follow along with the course. And there’s no fluff, neither. Those 10 hours of content are straight to the point and full of information. Making you an Excel dashboard ninja.

I have been through the training myself and I can definitely say that they really spent their time with their product - and I truly appreciate it when someone takes their time to make something great like this is. I wouldn’t be promoting it if I didn’t think it was worth your time.

Wanna see some samples of what I’m talking about? Check out this overview video from Mynda herself:

And by the way, not only does she show you how to create these dashboards, but Mynda also teaches you about data visualization concepts to really help you make the biggest impact you can on making reports. I especially liked those parts while watching the videos.

Interested yet? Have a look at Mynda’s Excel Dashboard Course. There’s a lot more information there about what the course provides to you and it’s really worth a read. So go check it out and be awesome in Excel dashboards!

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Written by Joseph who loves teaching about Excel.

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