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VBA Optional Arguments and Default Values

September 04, 2021

How to set up optional arguments and default values for your Subs/Functions.

VBA ByVal vs ByRef

June 25, 2021

When to use which.

VBA Functions vs Sub Procedures

June 15, 2021

When to use which.

VBA Functions

May 28, 2021

A simple introduction.

Count All the Things

February 16, 2021

What's with all of these COUNT functions?

VBA has No Block Scope

February 14, 2021

Variables created within blocks like For Next are given procedure-level scope.

How to Shuffle Cells in Excel

April 26, 2020

Shuffle a grid of cells in a random order.

Understanding CSV Files in Excel

May 09, 2018

A deep dive into the world of Comma Separated Values.

Excel Formula Operators

April 11, 2018

Ever wonder what all the special characters mean in a formula?

How long ago function

March 28, 2018

Calculate items like "30 days ago" or "4 minutes ago" in Excel.

Copy new data with VBA

March 21, 2018

Keep a log of new data by using VBA.

How to Assign a Macro to a Button in Excel

March 07, 2018

Run macros with the click of a button.

How to Enable the Developer Tab on the Ribbon (Windows or Mac)

March 07, 2018

If you want to record macros, start here.

Array Constants

February 28, 2018

What they are and how to use them.

Best Excel Shortcuts to Be More Productive

January 07, 2018

I use these all the time. You should, too.

How to use Scenario Manager in Excel

November 22, 2017

A great tool to help you keep track of different scenarios in your data.

Set Multiple Named Ranges in Excel

November 14, 2017

Here's how to set many named ranges at the same time.

Excel VBA - Intro to Sub Procedures

November 08, 2017

One of the building blocks of VBA.

3 Ways to Make Your Spreadsheet Spooky

October 31, 2017

Scare your friends with a spreadsheet.

How to use Excel's Find Function

October 25, 2017

Find specific text in cells.

Excel VBA: How to get first N words from a string

October 18, 2017

Create a summary of text in Excel.

Excel's LEFT(), RIGHT() and MID() String/Text Functions

October 11, 2017

Don’t ask my why, but I love string manipulation. It sounds weird, I know, but I always enjoy finding clever ways to manipulate strings…

SUM with Multiple Criteria on the Same Column

October 04, 2017

This SUM() is greater than all of its parts.

How to Count Unique Values

September 27, 2017

If only =CountUnique() existed in Excel...

7 Common VBA Mistakes to Avoid

September 21, 2017

#2 might surprise you.

Calculate business days between two dates in Excel

September 05, 2017

And how to include holidays, too.

How dates work in Excel

August 29, 2017

It's pretty simple once you realize this one concept.

VBA Ranges - Looping with For Each

August 23, 2017

For Each is a major building block for learning how to code in VBA.

How to Randomly Sort a List in Excel

August 15, 2017

You might not expect this solution.

How to Calculate Someone's Age in Excel

August 08, 2017

Seems simple, but you might get snagged by this common mistake.

How to Sum the Top 5 Values in Excel

July 28, 2017

Have you ever needed to Sum the top N values in Excel?

LARGE() Function in Excel

July 26, 2017

Find the first, second, third, etc. largest number from a set of numbers.

VBA Ranges - Getting and Setting Cell Values

July 23, 2017

This is very important to understand with VBA.

Intro to the VBA Range Object

July 19, 2017

The VBA Range object is one of the most important topics to understand.

Use IFERROR() to hide ugly errors

July 10, 2017

Get rid of ugly #N/A! errors.

How to Tell if a Cell Changed with VBA

July 04, 2017

Log changes from your worksheet.

Excel Formula Errors [Infographic]

April 25, 2017

Here's what to do when you get these formula errors.

Get the Monday of the Current Week

April 15, 2017

Always get the Monday date of the current week.

Excel IF Function

April 15, 2017

IF(You Click Here, You Learn, Otherwise You Don't)

Get Hyperlink Address with a Custom Function (UDF) in Excel

March 30, 2017

Convert hyperlink friendly text to the URL address.

Create a Unique List in Excel based on Criteria

February 23, 2017

Nathan is working on a spreadsheet that contains a list of car models and owners. He needs to create a unique list of owners per car. “Maybe…

Excel Tables

July 13, 2016

This post is guaranteed to save you time.

Structured References [Infographic]

June 05, 2016

Give your functions clarity with Structured References.

Pixelate Images in Excel Cells

April 19, 2016

Having fun with C# and Excel.

How to Create a Drop-down List in Excel

October 19, 2015

Restrict cells to a list of options.

How to Split Cells in Excel

July 15, 2015

Convert a single cell into multiple columns based on text.

How to Join Cells In Excel with a Comma (or other delimiter)

June 29, 2015

Combine multiple cells into a single cell.

Application.ScreenUpdating can dramatically speed up your code

February 08, 2015

You like fast code, right?

How to Capitalize Names in Excel

November 01, 2013

If you need to do some name formatting in cells, check this out.

Excel Shortcuts on Your Mac Keyboard!

August 26, 2013

Do you like to move quick in Excel?

Excel VBA for Beginners

August 20, 2013

Start your VBA journey here.

Excel Dashboards Course

August 13, 2013

You do like to impress your boss, right?

Using Enum to Keep Track of Worksheet Columns

May 13, 2013

Make your VBA code more adaptable to worksheet column changes.

Alternative to Multiple IF Statements

April 30, 2013

Exploring a different approach.

Arrange Windows for the Obsessive Compulsive

April 22, 2013

Organize multiple views of the same workbook.

View multiple worksheets at the same time

April 16, 2013

Need to look at the same worksheet in different sections?

Merge Cells In Depth

February 21, 2013

I spent way too much time on this post.

Array Formulas for Beginners

February 07, 2013

Behold the power of array formulas!

Hyperlinks are lost after sorting - VBA fix

September 28, 2012

A solution to an odd problem.

Creating Hyperlinks With External Data

September 21, 2012

Quickly create hyperlinks based on external data.

How to Put Quotation Marks in Excel Formulas

September 18, 2012

Why ="This" won't show the quotation marks...

How to use Index with Match to lookup values

August 28, 2012

You don't really want to use Vlookup, do you?

Vlookup in Excel

July 31, 2012

Learn how to use the most popular function in Excel.

Excel - Create a Pivot Table Using SQL

July 15, 2012

Connect your pivot tables to SQL Server!

Excel Do's and Don'ts - Removing Gridlines

May 16, 2012

I don't always remove gridlines, but when I do...

Excel - Insert a Line Break in a Cell

May 11, 2012

It's simple once you know how to do it.

Excel Cell References

May 06, 2012

How cell references work.

Excel Formulas for Beginners

April 26, 2012

Formulas are the basis of getting any calculation done in Excel.  Whether you need to sum a range of values, calculate forecast for next…

An Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007

April 11, 2012

A first look at Excel 2007.

Welcome to Spreadsheets Made Easy!

March 29, 2012

The first post!

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